Miscellaneous Pictures

Hannah's Wedding August 2014

Playing with Dutch Creek at the April 2010 Duncan Bluegrass Festival

Playing a wedding reception with Susan at Christ the King church October 10th, 2009

Playing at the OKC Zoo

Brenda and me Christmas 2007

At the Oakridge Civic Center in Tennessee
Cumberland Gap Tennessee

Playing in the Oklahoma State Capitol.

Back at the Capitol in 2005 with none other but Count Gregor and Malia Bennett.

I think this was the Grady County Historical Society in 1994.

Here's a golden oldie. Me and my buddy Steve "Woody" Woodstock picking some tunes in Norwood Colorado in 1978 and one from 1984.

A couple of pictures from the Texas Mountain Dulcimer contest in 1988

Hannah and me at a little gig at the Overholser Mansion.

This is my #1 son Robert. He graduated from high school in 2005 and I'm mighty proud of him.
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This is a picture of my buddy Dwain Bond. He's the one at the piano which he travels with all over the country. This photo was taken from a shoot for True West Magazine. If you ever run into him ask him about the ghost bird of Fort Washita.
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My trip to Albuquerque and back on a DL1000 V-Strom
By Wayne Cantwell

On Thursday nights with my day job at Oklahoma Honda-Suzuki we have dinner rides that go to different locations to eat dinner. Sept 16th we invaded Lucille's in Mulhall where the Cedar Valley String Band was playing. I just happened to have my fiddle. Below are pictures of some happy motorcycle riders. These pictures taken by good friend Gary Rollins.
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Walking down main street in the Ouray Colorado 4th of July parade. Click on the picture for a larger image and see the truck that almost ran over me.
Not sure if it was because of my playing or what.

Another Ironton picture with 3 ghost street urchins.
Hmmmmmmmmmm,,, I don't know who they are.
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A couple of pictures from photo shoot at the old ghost town Ironton in Colorado.
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Some photo's sent to me by a patron at Coaches in Bricktown.
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Good friend Gary Rollins took this picture of me at the Celtic Cup. Unfortunatly the Celtic Cup closed their doors for good May 1st. They will be greatly missed.

Pickin' a little tune on a little banjo waiting to play at Global Oklahoma 2003.

Steve VanLandingham, Lee Agnew, and myself peforming at the Duck Pond in Norman for the Stage Door Theatrical Co. production of a 1920's version of "Two Gentlemen of Verona".