2020 Fiddle Tune a Day by Wayne Cantwell
The challenge was thrown out and I accepted.

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January 2020

January 1st 2020
Hard Times Come Again No More
January 2nd 2020
Johnny Johnny Don't Get Drunk
January 3rd 2020
Coleman's March
January 4th 2020
Sal's Got Mud Between Her Toes
January 5th 2020
How Firm A Foundation
January 6th 2020
Hop High Ladies
AKA Miss McLeod's Reel
January 7th 2020
Sally In The Garden
January 8th 2020
Eighth of January
January 9th 2020
Soldier's Joy
January 10th 2020
Harvest Home
January 11th 2020
The Comical Fellow
January 12th 2020
Whiter than Snow
January 13th 2020
Ruffled Drawers
January 14th 2020
Midnight on the Water
January 15th 2020
Nail That Catfish To A Tree
By Steve Rosen
January 16th 2020
Chilly Winds
January 17th 2020
Dick Gossip's
January 18th 2020
January 19th 2020
Come Thou Fount
January 20th 2020
Squirrel Hunters
January 21st 2020
January 22nd 2020
Westfork Gals
January 23rd 2020
Over The Waterfall
January 24th 2020
Snake River Reel
January 25th 2020
Whiskey Before Breakfast
January 26th 2020
In the Garden
January 27th 2020
Irish Washerwoman
January 28th 2020
The 28th of January
January 29th 2020
Forked Deer
January 30th 2020
Saint Anne's Reel
January 31st 2020
Juliann Johnson

February 2020

Feb 1st 2020
Booth Shot Lincoln
Feb 2nd 2020
Softly and Tenderly Jesus is Calling
Feb 3rd 2020
Needle Case
Feb 4th 2020
Britches Full of Stitches
Feb 5th 2020
Mississippi Sawyer
Feb 6th 2020
Turkey in the Straw
Feb 7th 2020
Arkansas Traveler
Feb 8th 2020
Spotted Pony
Feb 9th 2020
Praise Him Praise Him
Feb 10th 2020
Old Joe Clark
Feb 11th 2020
Swallowtail Jig
Feb 12th 2020
Angeline the Baker
Feb 13th 2020
Feed Her Candy and Tell Her Lies
Feb 14th 2020
The Lovers Waltz by Jay Ungar
Feb 15th 2020
Fly Around
Feb 16th 2020
Sweet Hour of Prayer
Feb 17th 2020
Red Haired Boy aka Little Beggar Man
Feb 18th 2020
Shoes and Stockings
February 19th 2020
Golden Slippers
Feb 20th 2020
Shove That Pigs Foot
A Little Further In The Fire
Feb 21st 2020
Andy DeJarlis
Feb 22nd 2020
Rock the Cradle Joe
Feb 23rd 2020
It Is Well With My Soul
Feb 24th 2020
Cold Frosty Morn
Feb 25th 2020
College Hornpipe
Feb 26th 2020
Sir Roger de Coverley
Feb 27th 2020
Rosin the Beau
Feb 28th 2020
Leather Britches
Feb 29th 2020
Cluck Ole Hen

March 2020

March 1st 2020
Be Thou My Vision
March 2nd 2020
The Banshee
March 3rd 2020
Campbell's Farewell to Red Gap
March 4th 2020
Bottom of the Punchbowl
March 5th 2020
Tam Lin
March 6th 2020
Julia DeLaney
March 7th 2020
Boys lament for his dragon
March 8th 2020
Come Ye Sinners
March 9th 2020
Tripping Up the Stairs
March 10th 2020
Cooley's Reel
March 11th 2020
Rambling Pitchfork
March 12th 2020
Cliffs of Moher
March 13th 2020
Rakes of Mallow
March 14th 2020
Star of Munster
March 15th 2020
Morning Has Brokent
March 16th 2020
Kesh Jig
March 17th 2020
Saint Patrick's Day
March 18th 2020
Jump at the Sun
March 19th 2020
Banish Misfortune
March 20th 2020
March 21st 2020
Sean Ryan's Jig
March 22nd 2020
The Master has Come
March 23rd 2020
Dennis Murphy's Polka
March 24th 2020
Sean Ryan's Polka
aka John Ryan's Polka
March 25th 2020
Bill Sullivan's Polka
March 26th 2020
Ger the Rigger
March 27th 2020
Connaughtman's Rambles
March 28th 2020
High Reel
March 29th 2020
Lord of the Dance
March 30th 2020
Gary Owen
March 31st 2020
Parting Glass

April 2020

April 1st 2020
Possum Up a Gump Stump
April 2nd 2020
Bonaparte Crossing the Rhine
April 3rd 2020
Bonaparte's Retreat
April 4th 2020
Bonaparte Crossing the Alps
April 5th 2020
Set My Soul Afire
April 6th 2020
Caliche Creek
April 7th 2020
Peeler Creek
April 8th 2020
Cripple Creek
April 9th 2020
Salt Creek
April 10th 2020
April 11th 2020
Drowsy Maggie
April 12th 2020
He Lives!
April 13th 2020
Sandy River Belle
April 14th 2020
Home With The Girls
In The Morning
April 15th 2020
Staten Island Hornpipe
April 16th 2020
Top of Cork Road
April 17th 2020
Atholl Highlanders
April 18th 2020
Tom Morrison's
April 19th 2020
Angel Band
April 20th 2020
Little Liza Jane
April 21st 2020
Big Liza Jane
April 22nd 2020
Liza Jane
April 23rd
Goodbye Liza Jane
April 24th 2020
Young Jane
April 25th 2020
Little Dutch Girl
April 26th 2020
Canaan's Land
April 27th 2020
Green Willis
April 28th 2020
Speed the Plow
April 29th 2020
April 30th 2020
Stool of Repentance

May 2020

May 1st 2020
Chinese Breakdown
May 2nd 2020
Polly Put the Kettle On
May 3rd 2020
My Jesus I Love Thee
May 4th 2020
Fishers Hornpipe
May 5th 2020
Durang's ;Hornpipe
May 6th 2020
Flowers of Edinburgh
May 7th 2020
Galway Hornpipe
May 8th 2020
Boys of Bluehill
May 9th 2020
Rickett's Hornpipe
May 10th 2020
Rock of Ages
May 11th 2020
Blair Athol
May 12th 2020
Believe in me
all those
Endearing young Charms
May 13th 2020
Farewell Tchernobyl
May 14th 2020
Flop Eared Mule
May 15th 2020
Cumberland Gap
May 16th 2020
Jig of Slurs
May 17th 2020
Nothing But the Blood
May 18th 2020
Larry O'Gaff's
May 19th 2020
Sail Away Ladies
May 20th 2020
Red Hills Polka
May 21st 2020
Blackest Crow
May 22nd 2020
Rose Tree
May 23rd 2020
Girl with the Blue Dress On
May 24th 2020
Pass Me Not
May 25th 2020
Swingin on a Gate
May 26th 2020
Sweeping the Town
May 27th 2020
Stegan's Waltz
May 28th 2020
Kitchen Gal
May 29th 2020
June Apple
May 30th 2020
Crow Black Chicken Crow
May 31st 2020
Near the Cross

June 2020

June 1st 2020
Tippin Back the Corn
June 2nd 2020
Jammie Allen
June 3rd 2020
Wild Hog in the Woods
June 4th 2020
Possum On a Rail
June 5th 2020
Big Sciioty
June 6th 2020
Farewell Trion
June 7th 2020
When I Survey
June 8th 2020
Granny Will Your Dog Bite?
June 9th 2020
Old Yeller Dog
Goes Trottin
Through the Meeting House
June 10th 2020
Old Dog Tray
June 11th 2020
Dog Chewed a 'Bacca Worm
June 12th 2020
Pretty Lil Dog
June 13th 2020
How Much is that Doggie
In the Window
June 14th 2020
Tis So Sweet To
Trust in Jesus
June 15th 2020
Ghosts of Fort Washita
June 16th 2020
Gathering on Persimmon Hill
June 17th 2020
Grayson's Jig
June 18th 2020
Trip to Ironton
June 19th 2020
Skout's Honor
June 20th 2020
Wayne's Jig
June 21st 2020
Victory in Jesus
June 22nd 2020
Jimmy in the Swamp
June 23rd 2020
Old Piss
June 24th 2020
My Love Is
In America
June 25th 2020
Step Around Johnny
June 26th 2020
Miss Rowan Davis
June 27th 2020
Grasshopper Sittin On
Sweet Potato Vine
June 28th 2020
I'll Fly Away
June 29th 2020
Good For the Tongue
June 30th 2020
Benton's Dream

July 2020

July 1st 2020
America the Beautiful
July 2nd 2020
My Country Tis of Thee
July 3rd 2020
Battle Hymn of the Republic
July 4th 2020
Star Spangled Banner
July 5th 2020
Sweet By and By
July 6th 2020
Yankee Doodle
July 7th 2020
Road to Boston
July 8th 2020
God Bless America
July 9th 2020
Jefferson and Liberty
July 10th 2020
Old 1812
July 11th 2020
Washington's March
July 12th 2020
Fairest Lord Jesus
July 13th 2020
Koehler's Hornpipe
July 14th 2020
Walk Up Georgia Row
July 15th 2020
Billy In the Lowground
July 16th 2020
Sergeant Early's Dream
July 17th 2020
The Wild One
July 18th 2020
Black-Eyed Susie
July 19th 2020
Power In The Blood
July 20th 2020
White Petticoat
July 21st 2020
Sailor's Wife
July 22nd 2020
Star Above the Garter
July 23rd 2020
Camp Meeting On
The Fourth of July
July 24th 2020
Timmy Clifford's
July 25th 2020
Chirps and Grain
July 26th 2020
Jesus Loves Me
July 27th 2020
Silver Spire
July 28th 2020
Silver Spear
July 29th 2020
Old John Tate
July 30th 2020
Scatter the Mud
July 31st 2020
Sarah Armstrong

August 2020

August 1st 2020
Frank's Reel
August 2nd 2020
Standing on the Promises
August 3rd 2020
August 4th 2020
Shenandoah Falls
August 5th 2020
Reel Saint-Antoine
August 6th 2020
Girl I Left Behind
August 7th 2020
Father Kelly's
August 8th 2020
Elzic's Farewell
August 9th 2020
Great is
Thy Faithfulness
August 10th 2020
Tom Bigbee Waltz
August 11th 2020
Old French
August 12th 2020
Morpeth Rant
August 13th 2020
Farewell to Whiskey
August 14th 2020
Temperance Reel
August 15th 2020
Pig Town Fling
August 16th 2020
Blessed Assurance
August 17th 2020
Spanish Waltz
August 18th 2020
Wind that Shakes
the Barley
August 19th 2020
Red Wing
aka The Happy Farmer
August 20th 2020
.Ragtime Annie
August 21st 2020
Dancing Bear
August 22nd 2020
Bill Cheatum
August 23rd 2020
Holy Mana
August 24th 2020
Margaret's Waltz
August 25th 2020
La Bastringue
August 26th 2020
Colored Aristocracy
August 27th 2020
Mouth of the Tobique
August 28th 2020
Woodchopper's Reel
August 29th 2020
Rights of Man
August 30th 2020
I Surrender All
August 31st 2020
Mason's Apron

September 2020

September 1st, 2020
Precious Memories
September 2nd 2020
Old Hag Ye've Kilt Me
September 3rd 2020
Sculley's Reel
September 4th 2020
Burnt Old Man
September 5th 2020
The Traveler
September 6th 2020
Old Rugged Cross
September 7th 2020
Si Bheag Si Mohr
September 8th 2020
Blackberry Blossom
September 9th 2020
Off To California
September 10th 2020
Jacky Tar
September 11th 2020
After the Battle
of Augrim
September 12th 2020
Far From Home
September 13th 2020
Jesus Paid it All
September 14th 2020
Amelia's Waltz
September 15th 2020
Paddy on the Railroad
September 16th 2020
Pays de Haut
September 17th 2020
September 18th 2020
Go to the Devil
and Shake Yourself
September 19th 2020
Road to Lisdoonvarna
September 20th 2020
Solid Rock
September 21st 2020
Planxty Irwin
September 22nd 2020
Kingdom Coming
September 23rd 2020
Lannigan's Ball
September 24th 2020
Off She Goes
September 25th 2020
Tom Dullah
September 26th 2020
All the Way to Gallway
September 27th 2020
Just as I Am
September 28th 2020
Calliope House
September 29th 2020
September 30th 2020
Green Mountain Petronella

October 2020

October 1st 2020
Swedish Jig
October 2nd 2020
Blind Mans Reel
October 3rd 2020
Twin Sisters
October 4th 2020
Amazing Grace
October 5th 2020
Cuckoo's Nest
October 6th 2020
The 98
October 7th 2020
Cherokee Shuffle
October 8th 2020
Valley Forge
October 9th 2020
Child Grove
October 10th 2020
Buck Mountain
October 11th 2020
Take My Life
And Let It Be
October 12th 2020
Cowboy Jig
October 13th 2020
I'll Buy Boots
For Maggie
October 14th 2020
An Paistin Fionn
October 15th 2020
Tuttle's Reel
October 16th 2020
Devil in the Strawstack
October 17th 2020
Rakes of Kildare
October 18th 2020
Holy Holy Holy
October 19th 2020
Earl's Chair
October 20th 2020
Peg Ryan's
aka Eagan's Polka
October 21st 2020
Black Nag
October 22nd 2020
Black Rogue
October 23rd 2020
Beauties of Autumn
October 24th 2020
Cowboy's Dream
October 25th 2020
Heaven Came Down
October 26th 2020
Blarney Pilgrim
October 27th 2020
A Week in January
October 28th 2020
Master Crowley's Reel
October 29th 2020
October 30th 2020
Seamus O'Brian
October 31st 2020

November 2020

November 1st 2020
Crown Him with Many Crowns
November 2nd 2020
Hobart's Transformation
November 3rd 2020
Archibald MacDonald
of Kepoch
November 4th 2020
Johnny I Hardly
Knew Ye
November 5th 2020
Far Away
November 6th 2020
Drunken Hiccups
November 7th 2020
Banks of Inverness
November 8th 2020
I Shall Not Be Moved
November 9th 2020
Humours of Tullah
November 10th 2020
I Buried Me Wife
& Danced on her Grave
November 11th 2020
Foggy Dew
November 12th 2020
Killavel Jig
November 13th 2020
Sourwood Mountain
November 14th 2020
Riding on a Load
Of Hay
November 15th 2020
O How I Love Jesus
November 16th 2020
Tobin's Favorite
November 17th 2020
Trip to Skye
November 18th 2020
Skye Boat Song
November 19th 2020
Man of the House
November 20th 2020
Aaron Boat Song
November 21st 2020
Bright Morning Stars
November 22nd 2020
Count Your Many Blessings
November 23rd 2020
Little Maggie in the Woods
November 24th 2020
Mountain Road
November 25th 2020
March of Saint Timothy
November 26th 2020
Turkey in the Pea Patch
November 27th 2020
O Susannah
November 28th 2020
Robertson's Reel
November 29th 2020
There is a Fountain
November 30th 2020
Rose in the Heather

December 2020

December 1st 2020
O Come O Come
December 2nd 2020
I Wonder as I Wander
December 3rd 2020
Sing We Now of Christmas
December 4th 2020
Deck the Halls
December 5th 2020
Holly and Ivy
December 6th 2020
How Great Our Joy
December 7th 2020
Angels We Have
Heard on High
December 8th 2020
Coventry Carol
December 9th 2020
Wexford Carol
December 10th 2020
O Christmas Tree
December 11th 2020
Ding Dong Merrily on High
December 12th 2020
Good King Wenceslas
December 13th 2020
O Come All Ye Faithful
December 14th 2020
God Rest Ye Merry Gentelmen
December 15th 2020
Once in David's
Royal City
December 16th 2020
Hark the Herald Angels Sing
December 17th 2020
Away in a Manger
December 18th 2020
I Heard the Bells
On Christmas Day
December 19th 2020
Do You See What I See
December 20th 2020
Come Thou Long
Expected Jesus
December 21st 2020
It Came Upon a Midnight Clear
December 22nd 2020
First Noel
December 23rd 2020
Silent Night
December 24th 2020
What Child is This
December 25th 2020
Go Tell it
On the Mountain
December 26th 2020
Joy to the World
December 27th 2020
What a Friend we
We Have in Jesus
December 28th 2020
Little Drummer Boy
December 29th 2020
O Holy Night
December 30th 2020
Good Christian Men Rejoice
December 31st 2020
Auld Lang Syne